Saturday, November 12, 2005

Miyajima - The famous torii seen at very low tide... Posted by Picasa

Miyajima - Looking up from under the torii Posted by Picasa

Shogunzuka - A view of Kyoto Posted by Picasa

Shisendo - A place for a very contemplative stroll Posted by Picasa

Shisendo - How about a moodier view? Posted by Picasa

Shisendo - A bit of color Posted by Picasa

Shisendo - My two travel companions, grade chief Mr. A (left) and vice principal Mr. I (in hat) with our alumni guides Posted by Picasa

Sanzenin - A red tree and a red gate Posted by Picasa

Sanzenin - Another view of the grounds Posted by Picasa

Sanzenin - A view of the grounds Posted by Picasa

Sanzenin - The garden behind the main hall. Posted by Picasa

Ohara - Where did the city go??!? Posted by Picasa

Ohara - A field of cosmos flowers Posted by Picasa

Sanzenin - A meditating minstrel Posted by Picasa

Miyajima - The kids of Room 2 gather around Mr. Sakuma while I watch from a safe distance. Posted by Picasa

Utsukujima Shrine - Our grade chief, Mr. A, checks out the picture he just took. Posted by Picasa

Utsukujima Shrine - Another view of the Torii Posted by Picasa

Utsukujima Shrine - The Seishin mass files through... Posted by Picasa

Utsukujima Shrine - The kids from Room 2 (my room) with their camera phones. Posted by Picasa

Miyajima - A view from inside the famous corridor. The tide is VERY low this year! Posted by Picasa

After the A-Bomb Museum tour - now the kids are forming up to go Posted by Picasa

After the Peace Park tour - and they continue accumulating... Posted by Picasa

After the Peace Park tour - the kids start to accumulate Posted by Picasa

Higashi Honganji - The Seishin bunch pouring in through the gate Posted by Picasa

Higashi Honganji - the mass of youth walking by Posted by Picasa